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In Editing experience on September 20, 2012 at 8:32 pm

I’ve held five major editing positions at newspapers/news sites. Most recently, I was Deputy Opinion Editor for PennLive/The Patriot-News of Harrisburg. At the Philadelphia Inquirer I was assistant editorial page editor and a health and science editor. (More about that work here.) Before that, at the Anchorage Daily News, I had been editorial page editor and assistant editorial page editor. (More about that work here.) I have also done free-lance editing for Delaware First Media.

I have edited writers with a vast range of experience and skill, from long-time journalists to guest contributors who’d never been published before.  The articles I’ve edited have covered a variety of subjects: medicine, science, politics, complicated questions of economic policy and legal matters, and personal essays.

In general, I try to help the writer understand how effective he or she is in reaching the intended audience. Is the writing clear? Does it leave hanging questions that should be answered? Is the information reliable? Does the prose engage the reader?

My editing style is collaborative. I aim to build a relationship with the writer and help him or her produce the best possible writing. I take pride in having constructive relationships with almost every professional writer with whom I worked.

Sometimes, circumstances require “fix it” editing – where back-and-forth consultation is impractical and there’s a problem that can be fixed without major re-writing. I can do that kind of editing, and do it quickly, when necessary.

Click this link for examples of compliments I’ve received on my editing. I’m happy to provide other references upon request.