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Overview of web work for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Here are links to some special projects and web-only postings I did for the Philadelphia Inquirer opinion section during my tenure there.

Most notable is this photo gallery, , which I shot to accompany an editorial about cleaning up Callowhill/North Chinatown.  Since no one else in the section had ever done a photo gallery, I had to work with to upload it and create a unique URL for it. I used my own camera, a high-quality 35mm digital SLR. Lacking access to any proprietary photo-editing software at the Inquirer, I did a little retouching and cropping work with Picasa.

During that process, I got to create a web link direct to the Editorial Board’s blog, – something the opinion staff had long sought, without success, so that it would be easier to promote the blog in print.

Another of my online initiatives came in August, when we rolled out the redesigned print section, which shrunk the newshole for letters to the editor. As reader complaints mounted, I arranged for us to post more letters online on the Say What blog. Examples are here (Aug. 5), here (Aug. 4), here (Aug. 3), and here (Aug. 1).

After two weeks or so, we decided to expand the print newshole for letters and discontinued the additional letter postings on Say What. At the same time, I was using the Say What blog to post additional commentary that was interesting but not quite compelling enough to put in the print edition. Some examples are here, here, and here.

Despite being new, I produced several lead editorials for the Sunday edition during my tenure, including the one on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Less than two weeks into the job with the editorial board, I did this editorial about green roofs in the city. The work included taking a tour of Peco’s green roof and shooting the photo that ran both in print and online.

I also encouraged the editorial board to think about posting more unique content on the Say What blog, rather than just uploading print content. I did a couple such postings, such as this one, and my colleagues also did a few. However, we held back on that front because I sensed some reluctance to have individual writers within the section establish an identifiable presence on the blog, since the editorial board represents the institution of the newspaper, and giving prominence to any individual writer could detract from the voice and presence of the institution.

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